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About the All-Safe Pool Fencing

This type of swimming pool fence has been used for several decades to help prevent drownings. Our transparent mesh pool fence creates a barrier between your house and your swimming pool while still allowing a clear view of your pool. They are easily removable in minutes by an adult any time that children will not be present yet most pool owners leave their removable pool fence in place if there is any possibility of unwanted access by young children. However, the pool fence can be easily removed in minutes and rolled and stored during occasions when a barrier is not desired.

Unlike most forms of permanent swimming pool fence, All-Safe® removable pool fence is climb resistant and it's transparent nature allows you to have a clear view of your pool.

Frequent swimmers appreciate the convenient and quick adult access allowed by a pool fence as opposed to other types of barriers that are more time consuming and must be replaced after each pool use. This means adults can easily go for a swim safe in the knowledge that the pool is closed off from the children.

Safety is our number one concern and our swimming pool fence products have been developed and tested to meet standards that will provide you with only the highest quality.

Our sturdy, lightweight pool fencing, which is held in place by concentric tension, can be installed and removed in minutes. Installation of this swimming pool fencing requires professional installation by drilling of 20cm holes in concrete deck or other surfaces where pool fencing is desired. Sleeves to support the pool fencing poles are inserted in the holes. These holes are come with plugs when the swimming pool fencing is not in use.

To put the swimming pool fencing in place, one simply places the first pole in the first hole and unroll the fence to the 2nd pole which is placed in the second hole, and so on. The last pole then attaches to the first, in the case of pool fencing which surrounds a pool. The pool fencing may also attach to a building, a wall or other structure.

To remove, one releases the tension and lifts up on the first pole. The swimming pool fencing is then rolled to the 2nd pole, which is lifted and rolled to the 3rd and so on.

Removable swimming pool fencing can usually be installed around irregular shapes and over varied surfaces and elevations. Due to the unobtrusive, transparent nature of pool fencing, most pool owners rarely remove this safety barrier.


Pool access and self closing gates

Among the many wonderful features of pool fences are the access pool gates. Pool gates can be strategically placed throughout the fence so that access can be gained from various locations.

There are two ways you can gain access through the pool fence:

Self-closing, self-latching pool gate s are the most convenient and, as the name implies, are designed to close automatically (because the latch is a mechanical device, and could fail to close properly every time, it is important to inspect the pool gate to make sure the latch is secure). A key is provided to lock the gate when the pool is not in use (be sure to remove the key and store it in a safe place out of the reach of children). Self-closing pool gates are about 1m wide and require enough area and clearance for the gate to swing completely open outward from the pool water.

Manual pool gate openings are another option offered. These openings can be positioned nearly anywhere in the fence and are utilized by releasing the hooks between the poles and then rolling the fence open to gain access. The pool owner can determine the size of the pool gates or the length of the openings by removing one or more poles at a time. Additional holes are drilled in the deck to accommodate the pole that has been removed from the original hole. This is so you need not lay the opened portion of the fence on the ground.

Adults can conveniently enter or leave the pool area though any of the above types of pool gates, making a spontaneous swim a reality



Panel sizes
Each panel is 1.25metres high. The fencing comes in sections that are a maximum of 4.27m long, each section is made up of 5 panels which are 838cm wide. A section of this maximum length weighs less than 5 kilos making it easy to move and store.

Support Poles

Our swimming pool fences utilize aircraft grade aluminum pool fence poles. Structurally engineered pool fence pole reinforcements maximize the strength of our swimming pool fences.
Self-Closing Gates


Our swimming pool fences utilize aircraft grade aluminum pool fence poles. Structurally engineered pool fence pole reinforcements maximize the strength of our swimming pool fences.
Fence Storage
Pool fences can be taken down and the pool fence sections can be easily rolled up for compact storage of the pool fence.
Custom Features


All-Safe swimming pool fences can be customized to adapt to most pool configurations. Installations of swimming pool fences with multi levels can be accommodated with raised pool fence panels and step poles.
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